What is Vroom in a box?

Vroom it is literally a «Virtual Room» in which you can show the factor Wow of your Brand to potential customers, we will design it and help you focus the way you sell your products and services to your customers, using innovative technology VR. We will do it thanks to our experience in marketing and sales to create the showroom perfect for your brand.

Our Vroom is a fully immersive experience, powered by PC VR and comes with a state-of-the-art totem to house the hardware, along with the sensors so that the entire experience is seamless from start to finish.


Top Speed


Horse power


pound-feet of torque

Virtual room Vroom


With more than twenty years of experience in the industry at a national and international level, we can help you define what elements to include within Vroom so that the experience is optimal. In this way, you can introduce and familiarize your potential customers with the elements that make your club different, you can include customer testimonials, what you can do on each of the machines, where and how to access the club information.

When the member knows your club through Virtual Reality, the association will also mean that your brand is avant-garde even before the opening.

The same product can be used as part of the experience to integrate new clients, we can program your Vroom to explain the relevant characteristics, so that new members can easily get acquainted with your club.

Why make the investment?

We all know that the pre-sale experience is complicated, especially when the club is still under construction, with this tool, which will transmit your brand values directly to your potential new partner in a compelling way, we have seen first hand the impact of virtual reality in the media and we can assure that Vroom will make you much more noise than a traditional presale.

By using our solutions, you will be able to associate your company with the leading technology, which will undoubtedly draw the attention of the media to your brand.