Exclusive distributor

Escape Fitness

for Spain and Portugal

Red Wellness has been the exclusive distributor of Escape Fitness for Spain and Portugal for nearly a decade. We decided to collaborate with Escape for three simple reasons: Innovation, Quality and Design. No one can compare to Escape by creating the most innovative products in the industry. In addition, the availability of the product is permanent and offers the best guarantees on the market.

We work together with Escape and a team of local collaborators to make your dream a reality. We bring designs to life by offering equipment, flooring, advice and training to ensure that you can get the most out of your investment.

Escape Fitness


Escape Training, offers a range of learning and development options to take advantage of your equipment and lead in fitness trends. We have been delivering tailored trainings to our clients for the last decade with excellent results.

Escape Training

Outdoor Solutions

Use your outdoor space by combining a custom container, Escape equipment, a specific flooring and the best possible training for your team. The result will be an incredible experience!


Boutique Solutions

Join the biggest revolution the fitness industry has seen in decades. It doesn't matter if your center is large or small, we can help you design and create an authentic boutique experience.

Boutique Solutions

Octagon Solutions

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